John Fairhurst

John graduated from St Georges’ University of London with a BSc in Physiotherapy. After graduating, John worked for Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust and East London NHS Foundation Trust where he treated a wide array of patients with neurological, orthopaedic and musculoskeletal conditions.

He has a strong passion for all things musculoskeletal, and whilst in Kent, John also worked as a physiotherapist for Gillingham Football Club Youth Team and Maidstone Rugby FC. These jobs related to John’s strong passion for sport and the treatment of sport related conditions. Currently John is completing his diploma with the Society of Musculoskeletal Medicine.

John is passionate about helping others return to their sport, or their daily lives, and likes using a mix of manual therapy, exercise therapy, education and acupuncture. His previous training as a personal trainer and background at running club level in the 800 and 1500 metres for Belgrave Harriers, additionally helps John incorporate his interests of exercise and rehabilitation to achieve his patient’s goals.